Name Hayong Shin
Contact Phone: +82-42-350-3124
Fax: +82-42-350-3110
Room: E2-2 IE Building #3106
Education 1981-1985 BS in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University
1985-1987 MS in Industrial Engineering, KAIST
1987-1991 PhD in Industrial Engineering, KAIST
– Dissertation: Surface Modeling for 3D Scattered Data Interpolation
– Academic advisor: Prof. Byoung K. Choi
1991-1993 Senior Researcher, LG Electronics (Korea)
1993-1997 Research director, Cubictek Co. (Korea)
1997-2001 Senior specialist, Technical Computing Center, Chrysler Corp.(USA)
2001-     Professor, KAIST
–       Assistant prof. (~2003), Associate prof. (~2011), Tenured full prof. (2012~)
–       2013.9 ~ 2016.2 : Department head
Journal Editorship
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Journal, Editorial board member (2005 ~ Present)
Int. J. of CAD/CAM (IJCC), Editorial board member (2001 ~ 2013)
J. of Computational Design and Eng. (JCDE), Editorial board member (2013 ~ Present)
J. of Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers (JKIIE), Editor-in-chief (2011 ~ 2014)
Trans. of the Society of CAD/CAM Engineers (T-SCCE), Editor-in-chief (2010 ~ 2011)
Organizing International conferences
Organizing Committee Chair : ACDDE 2013 (Seoul, Korea)
Organizing Committee Co-chair : ACDDE 2012 (Hokkaido, Japan)
Program Committee Co-chair : ACDDE 2011 (Shanghai, China)
Organizing Committee Co-chair : ACDDE 2010 (Jeju, Korea)
Program Committee of International Conferences
ACM SPM Conferences : 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
GMP Conferences : 2004, 2006, 2008, 2012
CASA : 2008
CAD/CG : 2005, 2011
Other Academic Community Services
Vice President (2015~) of Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers (Korean society)
Vice President (2010~2012) of Society of CAD/CAM Engineers (Korean society)
2016    Outstanding Paper Award in AsiaSim 2016
2015    Best Paper Award in AsiaSim 2015
2009    Best Paper Award by International Journal of CAD/CAM
2005    Best Paper Award by Society of CAD/CAM Engineers
2002    Best Paper Award by Society of CAD/CAM Engineers
Geometric Modeling and CAD/CAM
– Computer-Aided Manufacturing, CAPP, Tool paths generation
– Mesh processing, deformation, smoothing
– Dental modeling, Medical imaging
Smart Manufacturing
– Machine learning for manufacturing decision making
– Probabilistic graphical modeling
Modeling & Simulation
– Discrete event modeling & simulation
– Defense M&S
– Monte Carlo simulation
– Simulation based system engineering
Financial Engineering
– Derivative modeling
– Financial CAD
– Pricing & hedging using Monte Carlo simulation
International Journals
[1] S Barde, S Yacout, H Shin, “Optimal preventive maintenance policy based on reinforcement learning of a fleet of military trucks”, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, DOI 10.1007/s10845-016-1237-7 (2016) [pdf]
[2] D Ahn, W Kang, KK Kim, H Shin, “Analysis and Design of Microfinance Services:A Case of ROSCA”, Engineering Economy (2016) [pdf]
[3] B Jeong, W Lee, DS Kim, H Shin, “Copula-based approach to synthetic population generation”, PLoS ONE, DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0159496 (2016) [pdf]
[4] H Moon, G Ju, S Park, H Shin, “3D Freehand Ultrasound Reconstruction using a Piecewise Smooth Markov Random Field”, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, V151, pp.101-113 (2016) [pdf]
[5] T Lee, H Shin, “Combining syndromic surveillance and ILI data using particle filter for epidemic state estimation”, Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, V28(1), pp.233-253 (2016) [pdf]
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[9] DS Kim, J Ryu, H Shin, Y Cho, “Beta-decomposition for the volume and area of the union of three-dimensional balls and their offsets”, Journal of Computational Chemistry, V33(13), pp.1252-1273 (2012) [pdf]
[10] S Park, H Shin, “Efficient Generation of Adaptive Cartesian Mesh for Computational Fluid Dynamics”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, V70(11), pp.1393-1404 (2012) [pdf]
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[18] H Shin, DS Kim, “Optimal Direction for Monotone Chain Decomposition”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, V3044, pp.583-591 (2004)
International Conferences
[19] WJ Lee, KH Shin, HR Lee, H Shin, TS Lee, “A Structured Approach for Constructing High Fidelity ED Simulation”, Winter Simulation Conference 2016 (Washington DC, USA, 2016)
[20] DH Kim, HI Moon, H Shin, “The optimal allocation strategy in Network Centric Warfare”, AsiaSim 2016 (Beijing, China, 2016)
[21] S Barde, H Shin, “Opportunistic Preventive Maintenance Strategy of a Multi-Component System with Hierarchical Structure by Simulation and Evaluation”, IEEE Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA) (Stuttgart, Germany, 2016)
[22] T Yun, B Jeong, H Shin, “Methodology for Estimating Lanchester Attrition Rate in Various Combat Situations”, AsiaSim 2015 (Jeju, Korea, 2015)
[23] D Kim, H Moon, D Park, H Shin, “A Fast Approximation of Inhomogeneous Stochastic Lanchester Model”, Winter Simulation Conference 2015 (LA, USA, 2015)
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[25] W Kang, H Shin, KK Kim, “Fairing the Gamma : An Engineering Approach to Sensitivity”, INFORMS Annual Meeting 2011 (Charlotte, NC, 2011)
Korean Journals and Conferences
[26] D Park, D Kim, H Moon, H Shin, “Gaussian Approximation of Stochastic Lanchester Model for Heterogeneous Forces”, Journal of Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers, V42(2), pp.86-95 (2016)
[27] K Bae, D Park, D Kim, H Shin, “Markov Decision Process and Curling Strategies”, Journal of Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers,V42(1), pp.65-72 (2016)
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Data Structures and Algorithms
Geometric Modeling and CAD/CAM
Introduction to Financial Engineering
Structuring and Pricing of Financial Products